Hello, I am Antonia. Welcome to my website.


My passion is helping people to make sense of their inner world and start moving towards the person they truly want to be.

Our work together will involve both self-examination and practical strategies for action. We’ll shine a light on your inner world to clarify the sometimes complex interrelations of what you genuinely value, what you feel you should value, inner contradictions, assumptions you are only semi-aware of, fears that hold you back and so on. Often what holds us back is a part of ourselves that is not on board with what we’re trying to do; then it can help to bring this to the fore and get to know it. We’ll also work on taking steps in the world that are in harmony with your authentic values.

It’s an ongoing process of ‘becoming you’ – because you are always becoming, and because you can become more you

From my lifelong trainings, readings, reflections, I have evolved an original blend of existential therapy, philosophy and more action-orientated methods (such as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). These have given me a range of skills and tools with which to help you to live life more fully. Some aspects of what I do could be called life coaching. But the depth of exploration is more like therapy or philosophy.

These are some of the issues my approach would be suitable for:

☞  crossroads and transitions

☞  finding it hard to motivate yourself to achieve your goals

☞  struggling with a decision or a dilemma

☞  wanting some help in how to live life more fully

☞  understanding yourself

☞  feeling dissatisfied with the person you have become

☞  wanting to discover or reconnect with your authentic values

☞  changing unhelpful habits, making healthier and wiser choices

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